Accreditation of laboratories

Accreditation of laboratories in accordance with the ISO 17025 International Standard “General requirements regarding the capability of laboratory assays and tests” or the ISO 15189 standard “Medical Laboratories – Specific requirements regarding quality and capability”

The implementation of a Quality System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 15189 improves the reliability of laboratory results.

The Accreditation in accordance with the ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 standard is the only acceptable standard for the demonstration of technical capability of a laboratory to carry out specific measurements on its premises, within specific ranges and measurement uncertainty and is granted after an Audit by the National Council for Accreditation (ESYD).

The benefits of accreditation open to a Laboratory are:

It may be noted that the accreditation of a laboratory secures the recognition of test reports / certificates that issues in most of the member states of the European Union through the EA (European Accreditation).

Our Company provides comprehensive services for accreditation which, in addition to writing the relevant procedures and manuals, also include the validation and estimation of the uncertainty of the methods using appropriate statistical tools.

Finally, our executives support the Laboratory throughout the phase of the project, including the presence during the final evaluation of the Laboratory by ESYD and the implementation of the corrective actions that may be suggested by the evaluators of ESYD until its accreditation.

Accreditation of Certification Bodies for systems (ISO 17021) and accreditation of Inspection Bodies (ISO 17020)

Our company undertakes the development of the necessary management systems so that the relevant Bodies to be deemed capable by ESYD to certify management systems as well as to be accredited as Inspection Bodies as control bodies (activities of bodies whose work may include the examination of materials, products, facilities, factories, processes, etc.).

Our company executives, having participated in the development of Certification and Inspection Bodies systems with the aim of their accreditation by ESYD, have enough experience to accomplish these tasks.