ISO 22301:2019

Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems — Requirements

The ISO 223012: 2019 Standard defines and describes the requirements for the development and implementation of a structured Business Continuity Management System, for all organizations, small or large and from any workplace.

ISO 22301: 2019 replaced the British Standard BS 25999, which was the first business continuity management standard in the world, designed and developed to minimize the risk of downtime that could potentially affect the functioning of the entire organization.


“Operational continuity” is defined as the uninterrupted operational operation of an organization.

The term is used to denote the need to ensure the continuity of the organization’s business activity, under unexpected circumstances, especially in times when emergencies cause major technical and other problems, which threaten to interrupt and / or abruptly interrupt the operation of the organization .

Also, this term refers to all organizational and technical measures, so that, immediately after the occurrence of an operational crisis, to ensure the continuation of the main business activities and (progressively) all the functions / systems of the organization.

The ISO 22301: 2019 standard is designed in such a way that the organization continues to operate during the most demanding and unexpected conditions, protecting its staff, maintaining its reputation and providing the organization with the ability to continue to operate and traded.